I have the chance to be a lecturer at the UCLouvain, in the Faculty of bioscience engineering. I also give seminars and workshop on image analysis, figure design and Open Science.

Introduction to plant biology [LBIR1151]

Lecture about plant organography, morphology and anatomy, given to first year bachelor student of the Faculty of bioscience engineering at UCLouvain. With this lecture, we try to include new teaching techniques, such as student peer-assesement, virtual microscope, conceptual maps or large scale treasure hunt of biological structures. Since 2021, the content of the lecture was recorded as short video clips (in french), available on Vimeo and Youtube

Integrative biology [LBIR1353]

The integrative biology lecture focuses on mecanismes used by the plant to cope with changing (and challenging) environments. One specificity of the lecture is that it heavily rely on the use of functional-structural plant models.

Systems biology modelling [LBRAI2219]

Lecture on biological systems modelling. Not a classical lecture, but project-driven. Students are asked to learn about plant models and use them to answer a research question. In 2017, the course lead to a blog post on Botany One.


BotAlgorithme is a teaching project that aims a gathering plant models that can be used to teach plant biology. Listed models should be usable online and based on sound biology. We use the different models in the classroom, to add quantitative twist to our plant biology classes.

Introduction to ImageJ

Hands on the image analysis suite ImageJ. Describes how to make some basic image analysis. Small introduction to ImageJ macros.

Scientifique figures preparation

How to make a good scientific figure. How the better convey the important information. How not to get lost in graphic junk.

Science output valorisation

How to valorise all your research products. Very usefull for Early Career Researchers.