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I try to understand how plant can better cope with changes in water availability during their growth cycle. To do so, I look at roots, their structure and their organisation . In a wider context, I want to help create sustainable agrosystems that are resilient to drought event and lack of water.

Plants’ complexity calls for integrative research strategies such as combining innovative plant phenotyping pipelines with powerful data analysis and modeling tools. Combining computational tools with the latest biological knowledge opens new horizons for plant research.

I believe in Open Science, the importance of science communication and good bread.

I am currently an Assistant Professor between the UCLouvain and the Forschungszentrum Juelich.

I recently move from Twitter to BlueSky.

Editorial work

Plant Direct

Academic Editor for the open-access / preprint friendly / sound science / society journal Plant Direct.


Invited Guest Editor for the Plant Phenomics serie from the open-acces journal GigaScience

PLoS One

Invited Guest Editor for the Plant Phenomics and Precision Agriculture series from the open-acces journal PLoS One

Ad hoc referee

Since 2008, I have performed reviews for the dozen of journals. However, since 2021, I decided to decline reviewing duties for for-profit journal and editors and focus my free work on non-profit and/or community journals. These are the ones listed below.

Plant Physiology, New Phytologist, GigaScience, PLoS One, Journal of Experimental Botany, Annals of Botany, Plant Direct, in silico Plants

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