Acquiring root images

Posted by Guillaume Lobet on June 16, 2012 · 1 min read

The image acquisition step is a critical one as it will determine the quantity of information contained in the final image. Fortunately, good images can be obtain fairly simply without buying fancy expensive material.

In the next posts I will give simple tips to acquire nice root images with either a CCD camera or a scanner (which are probably the most widely used image acquisition devices as well as the less expensive). But first a small reminder on the image requirements.

Image requirement

In a previous post I presented the main features required to have an image suitable for analysis. In short, the image has to be:

  • cleaned of the surrounding soil and dirt;
  • without too much root overlapping and crossing;
  • of high-resolution;
  • highly contrasted (between the roots and the background)
  • scaled (number of pixels / cm)

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